Small Painting

C O U N T Y is pleased to announce a group show of paintings by John Phillip Abbott, Samantha Bittman, Tyler Brandon, Michael Dotson, Sarah Faux, Ruth Freeman, Pam Glick, Charlotte Hallberg, Justine Hill, Pamela Jorden, Stephen Maine, Allison Miller, Danielle Mysliwiec, Dana Powell, Jason Stopa, Jennifer Sullivan, Anne Vieux, Wendy White, and Brian Willmont. “Small Painting” is organized by Dalton D. Freed and will run from February 10th – March 6th 2017. 

Small paintings have a rich and celebrated past, contextualizing scale and shunning the grandiose visual statement in favor of a more intimate pictorial reading. Historically, artists tend to return to the more ‘personal’ and ‘intimate’ as society becomes more destabilized, diffused, or complex. Small works entice the viewer to engage, approach, and enter into physical proximity, exchanging the sometimes quick-thrill visual experience of the larger canvas for a more nuanced and measured seeing. ‘Acute’ vision replaces ‘peripheral’, and an active engagement with image and object occurs, not just image at a distance. 

Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 1pm to 9pm. For further information please email

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